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World Stats Clock & Counter

This World Stats Counter shows current statistical figures for world population, births, deaths, deforestation, and much more. Except for population and earth temp, all stats reflect the growth since the beginning of the selected time period.

These stats may be verified at the listed websites.
World Population: US Census Bureau

Population growth rate: CIA World Factbook

Prison Population: UK Homeoffice

Divorces (US Only): Wikipedia

US Illegal Immigration: Wikipedia

Abortions: Wikipedia

Mothers dying during botched abortions: World Health Organization

HIV infection: Avert

Cancer incidence: UICC

Earth Temp: Wikipedia

Species Extinct: National Wildlife Federation

Oil Production: CIA World Factbook

Cars produced: Mation Master

Bicycle Production: Earth Policy

Computer production: Top Secret

Death stats: World Health Organization


“World Stats Clock & Counter”