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Your favorite Color vs. Your Sex Style

Nerdy professors at Harvard have been doing studies on color and a persons sex style... Well. not really, but somebody you can be sure has. And if they are busy enough to take time to even put this crap together, you can pretty much be sure that they are not getting any and won't be anytime soon!

RED: People who like red tend to be tigers in the sack. They are easily aroused and enjoy sex in every way imaginable!

YELLOW: If you tend to favor yellow, your sexual drives are complex and turn toward the adaptable. The favorite color of homosexuals is yellow. But not everyone who wears yellow is gay.

PINK: Persons who like pink show a reluctance to mature in sexual matters. Women tend to tease, to promise more than they intend to deliver. Men are the philanderers and flirts.

PURPLE: Lovers of purple frequently consider themselves to be too sophisticated for a fun romp in the sack. Women hate to mess their hair, while men are businesslike with their sexual approach.

BLACK: These people are the misfits of the sex world and seek out each other in kinship. They tend to prefer perverted sex and are usually masochistic or sadistic in nature. They are moody people.

GREEN: Those who prefer green are fresh and innocent in their approach to sex. Women who love green make love like virgins and men will be clumsy and awkward. Screw green M&M's...

ORANGE: Lovers of the color orange lean toward sexual fantasies. The sex act is regarded as a dramatic one-act play in which they are the star. Men pull their partner's hair and women leave welts on their partner's back.

BROWN: Brown lovers tend to be warm and deep, sensitive to the needs and desires of their partners. Sex is a 24 hour a day thing. Snuggling by the fire, walking in the rain or catching snowflakes on their tongue.

GRAY: The color gray is preferred by people who are indecisive. They can't get excited about anything. Men who prefer gray look at sex as a wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Women don't make love, they have intercourse.

BLUE: Lovers of blue are wonderful sex partners. They are sinners, affectionate and sensitive to their partner's needs. They consider love making a fine art and their approach is elegant. Men who love blue are like concert pianists and women enjoy sex to the fullest.

WHITE: If a person is infatuated with white, sex often seems filthy. These people are puritanical in nature. French kissing is obscene and to make love in the daylight in unheard of.

“Your favorite Color vs. Your Sex Style”